Landfill Study

A large housing development was planned along the central coast of California. Phase 1 assessments of the property indicated the potential of buried garbage from former ranching operations over a portion of the property. We were called upon to survey the area in an attempt to delineate the extent of landfill debris.

Limits of survey area were chosen by the client based on historical site records.

Cesium Vapor Magnetometer in use at the site.

A rectilinear survey was setup and survey data were collected continuously along survey lines spaced 10 feet apart. Data from the survey were downloaded to a computer in the field and anomalies were marked on the ground surface at the site. One of the project challenges included working around the abundance of Rattlesnakes at the property (note the Rattlesnake gators)

Surface metal objects, as well as, landfill debris pods are easily identifiable in the data set. The results of our study were used by the client in the formation of an exploratory excavation plan.