Geophysical Methods and Applications

These geophysical exploration methods have a wide range of applications, which assist our clients with site characterization. Brief descriptions for each of these methods can be found by following the links below.

Applications Ground Penetrating Radar Seismics Magnetics Electromagnetics Electrical Resistivity
Characterize subsurface geology
Evaluate depth to bedrock  
Evaluate depth to groundwater  
Evaluate shear wave velocity        
Locate faults  
Evaluate soil corrosivity      
Locate rebar in concrete    
Map shallow stratigraphic units  
Evaluate rippability        
Map underground utilities      
Locate voids
Monitor ground vibrations (during blasting, pile driving, etc.)        
Locate buried storage tanks    
Locate underground pipes    
Map landfill boundaries
Locate previously excavated areas    
Locate buried drums    
Locate buried ferromagnetic objects    
Locate buried non-ferrous objects      
Delineate drilling-mud pits    
Map leachate plumes